Ultrasound & red light cold iron hair therapy 

This device is intended for recovery hair at the molecular level.
One plate transmits ultrasonic waves, the other infrared radiation.
What does this give to the hair?
When using such an iron, the effect of a restorative agent (Keratin, Nanoplastica or Botox treatment ) is enhanced.
In the process of operation, ultrasound proteins and water molecules in the desired composition before vaporization, which forms the most effective result.

Infrared radiation seals deep into the hair cuticle,which provides 100 penetration of all ingredients, plus shortens the retention time of the treatment on the hair.

At the same time, the plates do not heat up, which allows you to work with the most damaged strands with the greatest care.

Additional information 

Ultrasonic infrared hair tongs have 2 plates: infrared and ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic waves using high-frequency vibrations disintegrate water molecules and proteins contained in cosmetics, which facilitates penetration of the drug deep into the hair structure, where under the influence of infrared radiation amino acid spikes and sealing of the cuticle occur