Innovation hair treatments courses 

Beginning and inexperienced beauticians in the world of best hair treatments receive

all the attention and help during these courses to learn the techniques.

These are courses with a theoretical part and a practical part, each

course lasts 8 hours.

Online courses program:

4 hours of theory, extensive explanation about anatomy of hair shaft, hair levels of damage, hair type, rejuvenation & straightening treatments , work tools, safety & techniques.

1 Hair Anatomy

* The structure of the hair follicle

* Hair Shaft Structure

* How hair pigment is formed

* Life cycle of hair growth

* Comparison of hair and degree of damage

* Why does hair curl

2 What procedures will help restore and straighten hair?

* Protein Recovery / Hair Botox

* Keratin straightening

* Nanoplastica

3 Cosmetics


   Safety Guidelines


Practice part ( online learning available ) 

4 hours - second part of the practice, 1- 2 models is treated per day. 

  • You carry out the chosen treatment together with Professional beauty assistant to gain experience, learn the techniques and get the tricks.
  • 1 or 2 models for this course will be arrange for the practice, you can invite also some of your friends.
  • All tools and treatment will be provided 
  • You will receive a study book of the products and instructions in English on the course day.
  • Author Certificate will be sent via mail with your name & date on it.