Protein smooth treatments 

Collagen Bio Coconut Disciplinante is a biological product, demi-permanent *, which combines protein and collagen in a single step, with a short break time, which straightens hair and maintains volume.

High smoothing technology facilitates permeation of capillary fiber assets due to the light texture of the gelatinous collagen and the nanotechnology that offer the best performance.

The moment the hair receives heat source and mechanical action (brushing and to seal ), the molecules rearrange themselves promoting a smooth, malleable and lasting structure.

The list of components may vary slightly depending on the composition but its main components are:

• Keratin molecules are embedded in the formed voids of the hair structure, which gives it strength, smoothness and eliminate some   brittleness;
• Vitamins complexes nourish hair roots and hair shaft;
• Vegetable oil and extracts enrich curls with energy and strength, eliminate excessive fluffiness, give smoothness and radiance;
• Peptides and amino acids act as reconstruction material;
• Elastin has a beneficial effect on hair damaged by mechanical or chemical influences;
• Lactic and hyaluronic acids moisturize and nourish the hair, provide them with a healthy and attractive appearances . Yes 

Hair Botox treatment 

The Crystal Botox line is an innovative system
developed for all hair types that offers a high level of recovery. 
Botox does not straighten the hair but moisturizes and restores the damage to the hair by nourishing the damaged hair with its natural nutrients. 
It treats and provides a perfect nutrition for the cortex, which has lost its mass due to previous chemical processes. It is prepared with: keratin, which strengthens and restores the natural elasticity of the hair; green tea, a powerful antioxidant that protects the hair against daily exposures and Pracaxi oil and N-Acetyl-cysteine, which provides intense hydration of the locks, stronger hair, better alignment, shine and eliminating fluff. The natural micro-pigments in the formula prevents fading of the hair.


Suitable for every hair type. Can be used before and after each chemical treatment.