Anti - Grey hair treatment 

Anti - grey hair treatment stops graying and reduces the appearance of graying without the use of dyes. Acts directly on the causes of the formation of gray hair.

The drug is intended for the prevention and elimination of gray hair.

The main causes of graying hair:

Accumulation of free radicals in the hair follicle, leading to severe oxidative damage;

a decrease in the production of melanin in the hair due to age-related reasons, genetic characteristics and oxidative stress of the bulb;

a decrease in the total number of melanocytes (cells that specialize in the production of hair melanin);

a decrease in the number of stem cells of melanocytes of the hair follicle with age (bulge cells).

How Anti - Grey Hair treatment works:

What to expect from treatment 

•Acts directly on the causes of the appearance of gray hair: reduces oxidative damage to the hair;

•Restores the natural process of hair melanogenesis;

•Stimulates melanocytes to produce melanin (a natural pigment that determines hair color);

•Prevents further formation of gray hair.


* preventing an increase in the number of gray hair;

* prevention of the appearance of gray hair;

*returning pigment to existing gray hair without the use of dyes;

* reduction of gray hair average -24%; maximum -41%

Why someone has grey hair early than others ? 

Women are more likely than men to expose their hair to oxidative stress or undernourishment (perm, permanent dyeing, etc.) - so the risk of graying due to nutritional deficiencies and oxidative stress.

Indications for use Anti - Grey Hair treatment :

- prevention of the appearance of gray hair in the presence of risk factors for the formation of early gray hair (severe nervous shock; hereditary predisposition to early gray hair; chemotherapy; frequent perm and hair discoloration; others) - a intense course of 2 months

- prevention of the appearance of gray hair in adulthood - a course of 3-6 months or 1- 2 ampoule per month

- the appearance of the first single gray hair - a course of 2 months

- initial graying of hair (up to 30% of gray hair) 4 months course

as part of a complex hair treatment - a course and a scheme of application as prescribed after assessment.